About Us


In 1997, the idea to create the National Intertribal Tax Alliance was conceived by a group of attorneys, tribal officials, tribal tax administrators and others from federal, state and tribal governments, tribal tax commissions and the private sector working the in the area of tribal taxation. Because of the importance of taxation to tribal sovereignty, they saw the need for an organization or “alliance” that would provide a forum and a mechanism for the dissemination and discussion of all aspects of tribal taxation. This would assist them in keeping current and up to date on all tribal tax related issues in Indian Tax Country.


An interim Board of Directors was created with Mary Mashunkashey, Tax Administrator for the Osage Nation Tax Commission being its first Chairperson. In 1999, the 1st Annual Conference was held in Reno, Nevada. At this conference, the first six-member NITA Board of Directors was formed. Today, the NITA Board consists of the Chairperson and Treasurer and a five-person Executive Committee. Appointments to the Board or extensions of current members are conducted at NITA’s Annual Conference . The current Board’s contact information can be found under the Board of Directors tab.


NITA serves as clearing house for all aspects of Indian tax issues. Because NITA has an extensive network of people with hands-on information regarding tax questions, the Board may be contacted directly for assistance on where to obtain the requested information. Since Indian tax issues are often complex, the NITA conferences provide a useful forum for direct interaction or round table discussions on current litigation or legislative issues.

Organizational Documents

1. Articles of Incorporation, Dated January 3, 2001

2. Certificate of Incorporation, Dated January 5, 2001

3. Letter of Determination, IRS, Dated August 5, 2003

4. Taxpayer Identification No., W-9, Dated August, 2015